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Got a dynamic IP address and want a dynamic DNS to point it even if it changes? Keep reading!

Why you?

Computer in is intended to be a fully functional, easy to manage and very versatile Free DNS Provider. Many same-topic websites provide a similar funcionality, but it's hard to find one that provides an quite customizable API to manage users' accounts in several ways, and what's more, allowing users creating their own requests in any language. PHP, Python, Ruby... do you have your own server and want to automatize IP changes? Just choose how!

How many times can I update my host within a day?

2 for free accounts. 15 for premium accounts. An "update" is an actual IP change, so if you send an update request to the same IP address you already had before, it's not considered an update and therefore not 'processed' as such. Also, you have this number of updates for each DNS record type (for example, for free accounts you have 2 updates per day for A records and 2 updates per day for AAAA records)

Is it secure to run an API sending credentials across internet?

SecurityYes. All API requests are made over HTTPS, independently of the chosen language. So it is sent encrypted. Security is very important to us, so you can be sure we'll do our best to protect your data and privacy.

If it is free, why am I seeing a Pricing menu?

Premium accountYou can register a free account where you'll get an A and an AAAA DNS records, which are quite enough for most people. This account is completely operational with any API language you choose. However, if you need advanced features, such as TXT, MX, CNAME DNS records, you may want to upgrade to a Premium account, which provides you with some additional features, like updating a DNS record more times per day.

Can I notify a dynamic host that someone is using for abuse/malware/phishing/...?

Report abuseWe'll be really grateful if you do! We take abuse like malware, phishing or alikes very seriously and if confirmed, an immediate suspension of account will be applied, no matter if it's a free or Premium account. aims to help users that have dynamic IPs to reach their stuff in a simple way, we won't support any evildoers. If you found some suspicious activity from any of our hosts, please contact us and we will check.